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Israel Journal of Chemistry
ISSN:  0021-2148
Subject:  Chemistry
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Volume 45
   Number 4 / 2005
             Special Issue: Degradable Biomaterials
  Guest Editor(s): Avi Domb
   Number 3 / 2005
             Special Issue: Chemistry of Supramolecular Assemblies
  Guest Editor(s): Israel Goldberg
   Number 1-2 / 2005
             Special Issue: Nonadiabatic Processes at Surfaces
  Guest Editor(s): Y. Zeiri
Volume 44
   Number 4 / 2004
             Special Issue: Single Molecule Spectroscopy
  Guest Editor(s): Y. Menassen
   Number 1-3 / 2004
             Special Issue: Perspectives in the Chemical Sciences (Honoring Prof. Joshua Jortner) PART 2
  Guest Editor(s): A. Nitzan, O. Chesnovsky, J. Klafter
Volume 43
   Number 3-4 / 2003
             Special Issue: Perspectives in the Chemical Sciences (Honoring Prof. Joshua Jortner) PART 1
  Guest Editor(s): A. Nitzan, O. Chesnovsky, J. Klafter
   Number 1-2 / 2003
             Special Issue: Diffusion NMR and MRI: Basic Concepts and Applications
  Guest Editor(s): Y. Cohen and M. Neeman
Volume 42
   Number 4 / 2002
             Special Issue: Olefin Polymerization
  Guest Editor(s): M. Kol and M. Eisen
   Number 2-3 / 2002
             Special Issue: Computational Chemistry of Quantum Mechanical Processes
  Guest Editor(s): E. Rabani and R. Baer
   Number 1 / 2002
             Special Issue: Environmental Chemistry
  Guest Editor(s): D. Yakir and U. Mingelgrin
Volume 41
   Number 4 / 2001
             Special Issue: Asymmetric Synthesis
  Guest Editor(s): I. Marek
   Number 3 / 2001
             Special Issue: Modern Inorganic Chemistry
  Guest Editor(s): A. Bino and D. Meyerstein
   Number 2 / 2001
             Special Issue: Modern Analytical Chemistry
  Guest Editor(s): M.S. deVries
   Number 1 / 2001
             Special Issue: Nanochemistry
  Guest Editor(s): U. Banin and A. Gedanken
Volume 40
   Number 3-4 / 2000
             Special Issue: Chemistry of Carbohydrates
   Number 2 / 2000
             Special Issue: Thin Organic Films
  Guest Editor(s): A. Ulman, S. Yitzchaik, D. Davidov
   Number 1 / 2000  |  Request A Sample    
             Special Issue: Bioinorganic Chemistry: Heme Proteins and Enzymes
  Guest Editor(s): H.B. Gray and Z. Gross
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